Today, we are filled with pride and excitement and therefore, it is with great pleasure that we would like to congratulate AREA on successfully conducting its Initial Public Offering (IPO) today. The action of AREA’s listing its shares on the stock market not only demonstrates the company’s status as a top data center service provider but also represents a vital milestone for Indonesia’s data center industry in general.

AREA (PT. Dunia Virtual Online, Tbk.) IPO

Among all data explosion happening in Indonesia, the data center infrastructure with high quality and secure provided by AREA really impact the business. In the context of digital infrastructure in Indonesia, AREA has been held in high regard due to its supportive role.

The expeditious development of digital technologies and the huge demand for data management and storage have made AREA a crucial source for commercial operations and government institutions in the country.

IDPRO Chairman Joins AREA’s IPO Festivities: A Symbol of Industry Unity

Celebrating AREA's IPO with IDPRO Chairman

Celebrating AREA’s IPO with IDPRO Chairman

AREA, as a member of the Indonesian Data Center Provider Organization (IDPRO), demonstrates its genuine dedication to ensuring the continuity and quality of information technology infrastructure by providing reliable and innovative technologies. This IPO is not just about financial success but also about recognizing AREA’s dedication and integrity in upholding quality standards and data security in our nation.

Our hope is that the success of this IPO will propel AREA towards a new era of growth and development, while remaining focused on efforts to meet the demand for reliable and secure data center infrastructure in Indonesia. May AREA’s success serve as inspiration for other data center players to strive for high standards of excellence.

Congratulations to AREA for this remarkable achievement, and we hope that this success will bring significant positive impact to the data center industry and the people of Indonesia as a whole in supporting the growing digital infrastructure.

IDPRO Board Members

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