In a pivotal moment for Indonesia’s data center industry, the Indonesia Data Center Provider Organization (IDPRO) proudly unveiled its new board members on August 12, 2023, during the prestigious Nusantara Data Center and Cloud Summit.

This announcement has generated widespread excitement and optimism within the industry, as the incoming board members are expected to drive the sector to new heights of success. IDPRO’s commitment to advancing the data center landscape in Indonesia is more apparent than ever, and these new appointments symbolize a significant step forward.


IDPRO New Board Members 2023

Supervisory Board

  • Chairman: Mr. Teddy Sukardi
  • Member: Mr. Stephanus Tumbelaka
  • Member: Mr. Wisnoe Pribadi

Organizational Board

  • Chairman: Hendra Suryakusuma
  • Secretary General: Mr. Suyanta Satria
  • General Treasurer: Mr. Muhammat Detta Septianto

Head of Membership Development Division

  • Head of Membership Development: Mr. Tjetjep Dharmawan.
  • Head of Advocacy/Promotion: Mrs. Firucha and Mrs. Diella, Mr. Rachmad Igen.
  • Head of Interconnectivity Division: Mr. Dondy Bappedyanto.
  • Head of Regulatory Affairs/GRO: Mr. Reich Stenito.
  • Head of Energy Sector: Mr. Chandra Irawan.
  • Head of HR Development Division: Mr. Erick Hadi.
  • Head of Technology Development: Mr. Michael Alifen.

Daily Governing Body

Executive Director: Mr. Michael Abimanyu.

IDPRO: The Pillar of Indonesia’s Data Center Industry

IDPRO has long been recognized as a prominent organization dedicated to promoting and developing the data center ecosystem in Indonesia. Established with the mission of fostering collaboration, innovation, and excellence within the data center community, IDPRO has played an instrumental role in supporting the growth of this critical sector.

The organization brings together a diverse community of data center providers, technology companies, professionals, and policymakers, facilitating knowledge sharing, networking, and advocacy to further the interests of its members and the broader industry. Over the years, IDPRO has been instrumental in creating a robust and resilient data center infrastructure in Indonesia.

A New Era for Indonesia’s Data Center Industry

The appointment of these accomplished individuals marks the beginning of a new era for Indonesia’s data center industry. With a dynamic and experienced leadership team at its helm, IDPRO is well-positioned to address the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

The industry, which has witnessed substantial growth in recent years, is set to benefit from enhanced collaboration, innovation, and advocacy under the guidance of IDPRO’s new board members. Their collective vision and dedication will undoubtedly lead to advancements in technology, infrastructure, and business opportunities within the data center sector.


The official announcement of the new board members at the Nusantara Data Center and Cloud Summit signifies a monumental moment for IDPRO and the data center industry in Indonesia. The incoming leadership team’s collective expertise, vision, and commitment to excellence are poised to take the industry to new heights of success.

As IDPRO continues to foster collaboration and innovation, it is clear that the organization is dedicated to ensuring Indonesia remains at the forefront of the global data center landscape. With this strong foundation, the future of Indonesia’s data center industry looks exceptionally promising, benefiting not only its members but the entire nation’s digital infrastructure and economy.

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